Thursday, 20 September 2007

Free Grace Meetings in the U.K.

For some years on receiving copies of the 'Gospel Standard' magazine I have often wondered just where on the map many of the listed chapels are located. Many are situated in villages or towns with names not entirely familiar to me. So I have often thought it would be a good idea if someone produced a map with the various chapels marked on it....

...well, I've never seen one so decided it might be worth having a go myself. After some thought I had the idea of looking at 'Google Maps' to see if it is possible to achieve such an aim using that... and it is.

So, for those interested, and any who might want to see if there is a meeting proclaiming Free and Sovereign Grace in their area, I have produced a map of 'Gospel Standard' and 'Free Grace' meetings on Google Maps. Have a look: Free Grace Meetings in the U.K.

As well as GS chapels (which was my initial reason for producing the map) I have also started to add details of some other meetings which seek to proclaim the message of God's grace in salvation, through the Person and Work of the Lord Jesus Christ.

The meetings are marked on the map with a blue marker for GS chapels, and a red marker for other meetings. Addresses and meetings times are given and details can be seen either by clicking on the chapel names on the left panel, or by clicking on the markers on the map.

(As I haven't attended many of the chapels listed I can not give a specific personal recommendation. However the GS chapels and others are listed because of the position they hold in defence of Free Grace. Also, please note, that I may well have made minor typographical errors or placed the markers at slightly wrong places on the map, so please feel free to get in touch with any corrections that you might notice!)

I trust the map will prove helpful to many.

In Christ and By Grace Alone,

Ian Potts

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