Tuesday, 26 February 2008

The Inward Work

"(The work of God) is inward. Multitudes deceive themselves with a so-called objective 'faith' as they call it. They mistake the fact that whilst the object of faith is external, the nature of faith itself is not, it is inward and spiritual. If our 'faith' be not spiritual it is not the faith of God's elect, it is not wrought by the Holy Ghost, it does not exalt the grace of God: it is false. And about false faith the Bible has much to say. False-faith cries, God sees the blood, brother! And so God does, but does he? Oh yes, he says, so full of blithe confidence, Yes, there is the blood on the refuge! Yes, false-faith, but where is it on your heart? Do you see it on your heart? Mark it well, if it is of grace, the kaphar will be seen within."
From 'Noah and the Flood' by John Metcalfe

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