Wednesday, 23 April 2008

Don Fortner Update

As you may know Pastor Don Fortner has been suffering from heart trouble recently and was diagnosed as having a hereditary condition known as 'aortic stenosis'. This led to his having a pace-maker fitted to control the heartbeat, and he was then scheduled to have surgery on Monday 21st April in order to replace an aortic valve.

The surgery went ahead as expected and we are very thankful to our Lord that all went well and the surgeons are very pleased with our Brother’s progress. He was soon taken off heart/lung support and transferred to intensive care, and by yesterday morning (Tuesday 22nd April) the nurses had him sat up in a chair and even eating a popsicle! His family tell us that he is looking well and should be out of intensive care soon.

Please continue to remember Don Fortner and his family in prayer. We thank the Lord for His goodness to our Brother these past few days and look to Him to watch over His servant in the coming weeks.

(We hope to keep this post updated with any further news as and when we hear it).

UPDATE 24th April:

Yesterday (the 23rd) we heard that Don hadn't had such a good day. He was still in intensive care and the doctors were monitoring his kidney functions due to elevated creatins. The urologist explained that apparently this is not unusual in diabetic patients and can be a result of the anasthesia used during the operation. Brother Fortner was also in much pain, partly because of the doctors seeking to discontinue the pain-killers he was initially on.


However, by the evening of the 23rd Don was feeling much better. Having had medication for the elevated kidney creatins, the chest drainage tube removed, and more rest, he was looking much better and was quite alert. The family are hopeful that he should soon be moved out of Intensive care.

Update 25th April:

Yesterday Don Fortner was transferred from Intensive Care into his own room. However he has been very weak and having to sleep a lot. Until he gains some more strength he is not yet up to having visitors.

Update 28th April

Don has been quite poorly the past few days, but we thank the Lord to hear that he has now begun to eat a little, and that the doctors seem happy with the functioning of his heart, kidneys, etc.

Update 21st May 2008

The latest news can be read in this post .

Please continue to remember our friend and brother in prayer.

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Don's family and the nurses request that you do NOT call the hospital or his home