Tuesday, 1 July 2008

Free Books!

We are pleased to announce that our three publications (produced as printed books through "Grace and Truth Online Publications") are now available for free online as eBooks, courtesy of Grace-eBooks who have added them to their online collection.

The full details of each book (as sent out by Grace-eBooks) is shown below.

Of course, all three books are still also available in print for those who would prefer to read 'off-line'. They are priced 'at-cost' to make them as widely obtainabled as possible.... alas paper and ink doesn't come free! For more details see Grace and Truth Online Publications

The Following Books/Authors

Have Been Added or Updated

The Fountain of Life
Collected Writings of William Huntington S.S.

Produced, and Published by
Grace and Truth Online Publications
Honiton, Devon, England

This work largely comprises six addresses taken from the works of William Huntington.

Sovereign Grace
Collected Sermons and Writings

Edited by Ian Potts
Produced and Published by
Grace and Truth Online Publications
Honiton, Devon, England

This work comprises sermons and articles by preachers of God's Gospel of Free and Sovereign Grace.

Some of these writers lived and preached several hundred years ago. Some are here today, faithfully proclaiming the message which God has given them to preach - of God's grace towards sinners. The message preached hasn't changed, for the Gospel - and the One it concerns - hasn't changed. Jesus Christ is the same, yesterday, and to day, and for ever.

Authors of the works contained in this volume:
Sovereign Grace – From The Past
William Tiptaft
Tobias Crisp
William Huntington S.S.
J.C. Philpot
John Kershaw
Robert Murray M'Cheyne
James Bourne
Eli Ashdown
Francis Covell
John Vinall
John Warburton

Sovereign Grace – From The Present

Benjamin A. Ramsbottom
Don Fortner
Henry Mahan
Don Bell
Gary Shepard
Todd Nibert
Peter L. Meney
Tom Harding

Christ, the Sun of Righteousness
By Ian Potts
Produced and Published by
Grace and Truth Online Publications
Honiton, Devon, England

This work largely comprises chapters based upon a number of articles which were originally published on the website “Grace and Truth Online.” A couple of the articles have also appeared in print in the pages of “New Focus” magazine.

My intention in this volume is to set forth some pictures of Christ as He is revealed throughout the scriptures. The whole message of the Bible regards the person and the work of Jesus Christ, the eternal Son of God. He is to be found on every page of Holy Writ. He is the sum and substance of God’s message to lost mankind, He is the One through whom God reconciles sinners to Himself, He is the One through whom God reveals Himself to man, He is the One in whom all the blessings of God to His people are revealed. The Gospel of God concerns His Son, Jesus Christ, and the message of the Bible is one of the Salvation of sinners through Christ, by Free and Sovereign Grace. Yes, Christ is God’s message to man, so when we read the scriptures we look for Him.
Ian Potts

Thanks go to
Grace and Truth Online Publications for their gracious permission to post these eBook volumes.


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What Is An eBook?

The term 'Ebook' simply means "electronic book", meant for viewing on your computer. Ebooks are usually in Adobe PDF format. All that is required to read an Ebook is a software program called Adobe Acrobat Reader, which will open PDF files. Ebooks in the PDF format are compatible with both the MAC and PC operating systems. Most computers already have the Adobe Acrobat reader software installed, but in the rare instance your computer may not have it, or if you need the latest version, you can download "Reader" for FREE at http://www.adobe.com/.

Why Use An Ebook?

With an Ebook, you can read books on your computer screen and zoom in on the text to make the words as big as you would like them to be to read comfortably! You can also go to any page or chapter in the book with just a few mouse clicks, even if the book has thousands of pages! You can also print out any or all pages you like at your convenience. All of the eBooks on this site allow you to copy and paste the text of the book into another computer file, instead of retyping by hand. These are just a few of the features and conveniences of having a book in electronic format.

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