Thursday, 24 September 2009

Grace Hymns - Updated

Our Grace Hymns website (which contains a collection of hymn tunes - as MIDI files - which we have used at Honiton Sovereign Grace Church, and also provides a 'map' matching hymns from 'Gadsby's' Hymnal to the various tunes provided) has had a bit of an update. Along with a number of new tunes, there is also now a complete set of mapping pages for the 1156 hymns in Gadsby's Hymnal. Not every hymn in each page is yet mapped, but the majority are. Obviously there is a long way to go in terms of providing an extensive range of tunes, and good mapping from hymns to tunes, but little by little the website is progressing.

Those interested in Gadsby's Hymns will also be very interested to hear that you can now download the hymnbook as a Word file from here: Gospel Standard Trust Website – Downloads

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