Wednesday, 18 August 2010

Grace & Truth Accommodation

I thought I’d bring to your attention a new website which you may find of interest, called ‘Grace & Truth Accommodation’.

As some may know, I work in computer software, and recently I’ve been developing a general holiday home rental website called Go2 Holidays ( ). As a Christian I thought it would be nice to make use of the same technology to produce a similar website aimed specifically at listing Christian-run holiday homes and accommodation. We know a number of fellow Christians who have homes or B&Bs which they rent, and usually they advertise them in one or other of the well-known Christian magazines and papers, but we thought it might be useful to be able to have these on a website as a resource on which you can search and compare, view photographs of properties, check availability, and book (either by email or telephone etc). So, Grace & Truth Accommodation is the result. You can view the site here:

I hope the site proves useful to those of you seeking to find accommodation for when you are away. Also, if you are amongst those who happen to have a holiday home which you rent, or if you know a fellow Christian who does, then perhaps you or they might be interested in adding that property to the range listed on this site (it’s free by the way!). Full details of how to create an account and list properties is provided on the FAQ page at In essence, for each property you simply need to enter details such as name, location, description, pricing and so on, and either provide a link to your own website, or provide email, telephone or postal address information in the description as a means of informing the user how to book.

I trust, either as a user, or as a property owner, that you’ll find this new site of interest.

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