Thursday, 4 October 2007

"Contending for the faith" Jude 1:3

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Anonymous said...

As usual another good word and very apt for today. One quite solemn point being that all God’s true people will hold to the full revelation as handed down from the Apostles until the present day.
Where does that put the whole Arminian “church” who effectively have “another Gospel” ?

Unfortunately my version which I downloaded ceased after 42 minutes so I do not know what was said afterwards, but he did not mention the different false translations of the Bible. It seems that this is one major way of Satan undermining the truth.

One point to raise – he commented on the falseness of Charismatic “teachers” who say “I have a word for you” Now we know what Mr. Fortner means, he is talking about “a word” which is outside the true body of truth concerning the Lord Jesus Christ. But of course every time we hear a man preach he does bring “a word “ to the hearers. I think that should have been made clearer for anyone who perhaps would misunderstand things.

Very good to be reminded that truth is never relative – and woe to us if it is ! Just suppose God had different thoughts about salvation now in 2007 AD than that he did in 30 AD. Would that most of our so called “church leaders” and other ecclesiastics took this truth in.

Altogether a very good sermon – pity that it was somewhat truncated. Any comments, Ian ?

Ian Potts said...

Thanks John. I'd have to answer that yes, the Arminians do have "another Gospel", and given Paul's comments in Galatians 1 that leaves them in a very perilous state, except the Lord in grace bring the sound of the truth into their ears and grant faith to believe the truth of the Gospel of Christ.

I'm not sure what happened with your downloaded version - certainly mine is longer than 42 minutes.